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response from property -Tara, We thank you for this 5-star review! Sincerely, Lerner Management
Such a wonderful place to livesubmitted by Ava S. - |Recommended: YesI have lived here for three years and I will tell you this is the closest next best thing to moving into your own home. If you are looking for a nice quiet convenient location this is it. The staff has always been professional. And there has never been a time that I had to wait and wait for maintenance to respond to my request. I loved living here...
response from property -Thank you Ava. We are so happy to hear how much you love your home! Sincerely, Lerner Management
Nice clean quiet communitysubmitted by Duane H. - |Recommended: Yeslove it
response from property -Duane, we're so glad to hear how much you enjoy your home here at University Square. We will be sure to share your feedback with our team. Sincerely, Lerner Management
Wonderful Propertysubmitted by Priscilla H. - |Recommended: YesI have lived here for about a year now, just received my information to renew and I am absolutely going to renew. No issues in my apartment this far
response from property -Priscilla, thank you for leaving us such a great review and for calling University Square your home. We look forward to many years to come! Sincerely, Lerner Management.
Good Apartment submitted by Mohammed S. - |Recommended: YesI like living here.
response from property -It's great to hear how much you enjoy your home here at Lerner University Square, Mohammed! Thanks for the 5-Star review! Sincerely, Lerner Management
The staff and apartments are both great.submitted by Lawrence H. - |Recommended: YesLocation and the overall quality of the apartments.
response from property -Lawrence, we are thrilled to hear how much you enjoy your home! Thanks for the rating! Sincerely, Lerner Management
Really Nicesubmitted by Suryakanti D. - |Recommended: YesI am staying here for a year now. This is an excellent and very safe neighborhood. Very peaceful and quiet, surrounded by greenery. You have very easy access to Bus and very close to Greenbelt Metro. For day to day grocery, you have a Co-Op market in the walking distance. You have a nice and big library and community center, wonderful play areas for children and adults. There are fuel stations close by and also within a mile, you have two big shopping areas.
response from property -Suryakanti, Thank you very much for taking the time to write this excellent 5-Star review! We are thrilled to hear that you enjoy the area and are happy to call University Square your home. Sincerely, Lerner Management
OK first apartment if money is rightsubmitted by Amanda E. - |Recommended: NoIt is OK as far as vehicle safety. Not enough parking or even adequate accessibility for parking close enough to your building.
response from property -Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback, Amanda. It sounds as though you are satisfied, overall, with your experience. At this time, we do not have reserved parking and is first come, first serve. We are always open to feedback and suggestions on how we can improve the experience of our residents. Please feel free to contact your Community Manager anytime at DHairston@Lerner.com going forward and she will be happy to speak with you. Thank you for calling Lerner University Square your home. Sincerely, Lerner Management
A decent apartment community - could improve submitted by Chauntel B. - |Recommended: NoGeneral - For the price, they could try a little harder. When my roommate and I first moved in there was some confusion about the unit we wanted to rent. We were able to lease a cheaper unit that was recently unavailable. But, the electricity was off and we'd already made plans to move. We were working with Portia who did her best to alleviate the situation since the problem was obviously an oversight by someone else in the office. We spent the weekend with extension cords running through our apartment. There was nothing offered to compensate for the major inconvenience. Parking is great, and the neighborhood is generally nice. Maintenance - They take care of major issues in a timely fashion. Smaller issues are typically ignored. Construction - Although these units are updated with modern appliances, we noticed the construction was poor after moving into our unit. The floors are significantly unlevel, visibly noticeable when you put furniture in the apartment. For example, you can see that the doorways are slanted, and items roll off of tables and desks without effort. Fixtures and doors are also crooked. This is very annoying. The heat insulation is not the best. The master bedroom at the end of the apartment is constantly drafty, frigid even when the temperature drops. Noise - You can hear everything Thankfully our building is fairly quiet. But, we can clearly hear our neighbors conversations when they have company and the buzzer for the main building door. The walls within the units are also very thin. Something to note. Staff - Portia is great, she has a high level of customer service and does her best, given circumstances that are most times out of her control. The office overall could benefit from greater attention to detail and willingness to ensure customer satisfaction.
response from property -Chauntel, we appreciate your feedback. We are always looking for ways to improve the experience of our residents and this feedback certainly helps us evaluate and improve our level of service. We are happy to hear Portia was able to assist you in a frustrating situation. As for your experience with our maintenance team, we can assure you small and large requests are important to us. We do not want you to feel like any items are ever ignored. While there is some lag time when items need to be ordered, there should never be an item left untouched. Your Community Manager will be in touch with you to see what items need to be addressed within your apartment home. We look forward to speaking with you and improving your experience. Sincerely, Lerner Management
Luxury apartmentsubmitted by Lisa K. - |Recommended: YesConstruction is not very good for luxury apartments. No matter where I put my chapstick on any table, it always rolls off. The electric work is not that great either--a couple of times, I have turned on or plugged in one item, which blows out another item in another room. There are new renovations, but they were not done in a very neat way for example, grout all over the bathroom floor, electrical outlets crooked or not fixed sturdy . However, I will say that the ladies in the front office are great, and they were the main reason I chose to live here, besides the location.
response from property -Lisa, we cannot stress how excited we were to hear your great experience with the ladies in the leasing office. They really are rock stars and we are proud to have them as team members. We thank you for this feedback. It sounds like you might have a couple maintenance items we need to address. Please feel free to contact your Community Manager at DHairston@Lerner.com with any concerns or requests. Thank you for calling Lerner University Square your home. Sincerely, Lerner Management
Apartment Livingsubmitted by Ursula S. - |Recommended: YesI really enjoyed my stay at University Square, the parking can be crazy at times, but all in all its a great place to live. Maintenance was timely and the office staff are very helpful.
response from property -Ursula, thank you for taking the time to leave this fabulous feedback! We are thrilled to hear what a great experience you have had with us. Thank you for calling Lerner University Square your home. Sincerely, Lerner Management
Pretty decentsubmitted by Emoni S. - |Recommended: YesIt was very frustrating during the snow storm when we didn't have additional workers to help with the immense snow we had. The office was closed and maintenance was not available to assist at all Our neighbors were more helpful. Most of the cars were blocked in and the assistance was very hard to find help. There should be somewhere to sign for shovels so we have them available for us. The office should be open for a certain time and not be completely closed with no assistance.
response from property -Emoni, thank you for your feedback. During snow storms, our maintenance team is always available. Please call the emergency on-call number and someone will readily address your concerns. We do have an emergency snow removal procedure in place which involves clearing the roadways and sidewalks. Please contact the emergency maintenance number this year if you experience frustrating circumstances this year. Sincerely, Lerner Management
Slow response to maintenance request on going issues. submitted by G E. - |Recommended: NoI have lived here for 6 months. It took 5 months for maintenance to complete issues I submitted on my move in check list. The front entry door has not functioned for more than 3 weeks. Controlled access, NOT The floors in the apartment above me squeaks with every footstep taken. I asked for someone to deal with the floors after tenant moved out in September but although the maintenance person stated they had done something to address the problem, since new tenant moved in, it is actually worst. The only factor is grounds upkeep and location.
response from property -We are sorry to hear of your frustrations and we want to address these items. Our team is currently looking into these items you have mentioned. It is certainly not the norm for a maintenance ticket to take this long. The team may have had to order parts. Your Community Manager will be in touch with you shortly to address these concerns. We thank you for your patience as we work through this together. Sincerely, Lerner Management
OK so farsubmitted by Amanda H. - |Recommended: YesOverall I enjoy my apartment, the staff and maintenance crews are always helpful. Parking is ok depending on the time you get here, I wish the parking spaces were marked on the street to force people to only take up one space. The biggest complaint I have is my horrible upstairs neighbor and the excessive noise. The noise is so bad I would consider not renewing my lease if this neighbor stays here. I don't believe this is the norm but this person is just extremely inconsiderate.
response from property -Amanda, nothing makes us happier than to hear how helpful our staff is including the maintenance team! We do want to make sure we address your noise concern. Your Community Manager will be in touch with you shortly to identify exactly where the noise is coming from. Thank you for bringing this to our attention and for taking the time to rate your experience. Sincerely, Lerner Management
Good but not Greatsubmitted by John L. - |Recommended: YesLayout of the Apartment The layout of the apartment is quite different and makes it difficult for you to create a home-like feeling. When selecting your apartment, please make sure to pay attention to how the layout is designed. From experience, I definitely had difficulties trying to rearrange my furniture that I had from a previous apartment to fix into my current living arrangements. Also, please be mindful when selecting furniture for your apartment to ensure that you have flexibility that you want. Rent It is affordable to an extent however, if you are looking for updated amenities in your apartment, you will be paying the same amount as you would for a townhouse and or single family home i.e. mortgage . The apartment complex does have an increase in rent every year. Maintenance The building service workers do complete their task in a timely manner however, I would suggest that they use a high quality of materials when refurbishing and or refinishing amenities in the apartment i.e. painting walls, bathroom, filling holes, etc. to provide you with an overall sense of cleanliness and comfort in your home. Parking Parking is a little congested especially if you are looking to have a few visitors over. The apartment complex has a limited amount of parking for visitor especially since some of the residents parking in visitors as well. Visitors' only options are to either park on the street or in a different lot away from your residence. Facilities There is an onsite work out center, however there is not a lot of equipment to complete a thorough work out. An update is definitely needed.
response from property -John, we thank you for your candid feedback and 5-star review. It sounds like you had a difficult time arranging and planning your room with your furniture. We do have floorplan organizers on our websites that show how various furniture pieces will fit in our floorplans. We will be sure our site team mentions these to our prospects while touring. In the future, please feel free to contact your Community Manager directly with any concerns at DHairston@Lerner.com. She will be thrilled to assist and work with you. Thank you for calling Lerner University Square your home. Sincerely, Lerner Management